Saturday, November 04, 2006

Two Weeks Lost, Then Found

I disappeared for a good two weeks. Here is a brief summation as to why and with whom.

Halloween was a hoot (even if it had me working 20 out of 21 days), and I made a bone chandelier that was very well-received. I also got myself a brand-spanking-new digital camera so that I can start sharing the images that go along with these words I've been neglecting to put down in any solid form for about two weeks now.

To begin: my friend Kevin and his friend Rob threw a totally bitchin' 80's sequel party. It was complete with a Jaeger machine, video arcade games, and a non-stop cavalcade of 80's music videos projected onto the two-story living room wall. It was all that, including the bag of chips.

Kevin makes the hunkiest Rainbow Bright I've ever seen.

I was Punky Brewster and spent most of the evening being eclipsed by my friend Matt's Misfits (the enemies of Jem) outfit. Or at least his wig anyway.

Kevin and Matt rocked it 80's style all night long.

At which point I disappeared for a week and later arose from the Boxxes basement bearing this little treat. (It's about 4 feet across and looked great until the battery-powered christmas lights I'd entwined in it lost their will to live.)

On Halloween Eve my dear friend's from SB joined me in celebration. I've always thought that horns lend me an air of dignity I otherwise lack.

These would be the friends, Sheila and Roe, whom I used to pimp it with back when we ran the Saint Babs mafia.


Blogger zortnac said...

Haha, you actually make a REALLY good Punky Brewster. Who'd have thought?

12:59 PM, November 06, 2006  

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